Azuro revolutionizes sports prediction platforms with Chiliz Chain

The integration of the sports blockchain, Chiliz Chain, with the Azuro protocol, the benchmark for on-chain prediction, opens up new perspectives. This alliance offers developers the possibility of designing applications with advanced sports prediction functionalities.

Azuro revolutionizes sports prediction platforms with Chiliz Chain

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Azuro protocol

Since its launch, Azuro has enjoyed impressive growth, topping the most dynamic protocols on Gnosis and Polygon in terms of revenue generation. 

Azuro is an infrastructure and liquidity layer for on-chain predictions. It is based on a new liquidity pool model, the Liquidity Tree, which generates and maintains market liquidity. Azuro supports thousands of sports markets and other games, as well as a complete set of functionalities, accessible to all without authorization, for the creation of various applications, embedded integrations or derivative products.

It currently powers more than 25 active applications, with transaction volumes exceeding $320 million. Thanks to its innovative liquidity pool and state-of-the-art oracle tools, Azuro offers developers the opportunity to launch applications without any upfront investment or running costs. This approach frees developers from financial constraints, enabling them to concentrate fully on user acquisition, engagement and monetization.


Chiliz Chain integration

This integration will boost the skills of Chiliz developers in the creation of decentralized applications (DApps) focused on sports predictions. Both novice and experienced developers using Azuro's infrastructure will now be able to easily link their applications to the Chiliz Chain, simplifying transactions through the use of the blockchain's native token, the $CHZ.

Plans for the future

In the future, Azuro and Chiliz plan to roll out a joint subsidy program, with the aim of encouraging application developers to build on their infrastructure.These incentives are designed to propel the adoption of on-chain prediction markets.


  1. Azuro's integration into the Chiliz Chain marks an important milestone in the development of sports prediction applications.This collaboration promises to strengthen the engagement of fans across the globe by offering them transparent and fair prediction applications to support their favorite teams and athletes.


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