Brave users can now create Bitcoin accounts on Brave wallet

With the latest Brave desktop update (1.63), Brave Wallet users now have the option of creating Native SegWit Bitcoin accounts.

Brave users can now create Bitcoin accounts on Brave wallet

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Brave wallet update

This new update offers lower transaction fees and better error detection compared to other Bitcoin account types. What's more, the Brave wallet is now fully equipped to send and receive funds from all forms of Bitcoin address, including Legacy, Nested SegWit, Native SegWit and Taproot, ensuring full compatibility with third-party wallets. 

Priority to safety and confidentiality

According to James Mudgett, VP and Web3 Products at Brave, the aim of the Brave wallet is to offer a secure, privacy-friendly software wallet for everyday use. As the Bitcoin ecosystem expands with new applications and services, the Brave wallet emphasizes security and privacy to protect users' assets.


How to get started with Bitcoin in Brave wallet

To get started with Bitcoin in Brave wallet, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Brave wallet on Mac, Windows or Linux ;
2. Click on the extended menu at the top right of the panel;
3. Select "Create an account" ;
4. Choose "Bitcoin".

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Expanded functionalities

Last year, Brave announced its collaboration with Zcash and the Filecoin Foundation, aimed at improving online privacy. Over the coming months, Brave will implement an important aspect of this collaboration by introducing protected Zcash transactions in the Brave wallet. In addition, Brave plans to integrate support for various Bitcoin account formats, enabling users to securely store BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals in the Brave wallet. These enhancements will be accessible on all Brave media.

About Brave wallet

The Brave wallet enables Brave users to securely store, exchange and monitor their cryptocurrency holdings across different blockchains, all from a single platform. This not only mitigates security vulnerabilities, but also enhances utility in the rapidly evolving Web3 domain.

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