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Coinbase learning rewards

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Coinbase Learning Rewards is a program offered by Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange and storage provider, that rewards users for learning about cryptocurrencies and technology blockchain. The program is designed to educate and engage users by providing them with resources and opportunities to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain through various learning modules and quizzes.

To participate in the Learning Rewards program, you need a Coinbase account. If you don't have a Coinbase account yet, click ce link  to create one.

  1. If you don't know how to create an account on Coinbase, go to our article How to create an account on Coinbase quickly?

How the Learning Rewards program works

To earn rewards with Coinbase Learning Rewards, all you have to do is watch short videos on different cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects. After watching a video, you are invited to answer a short questionnaire to assess your knowledge. The whole thing takes a few minutes. Once you have watched the video and answered the questions correctly, you will receive your new coins directly in your Coinbase wallet.

  1. Coinbase Learning Rewards is for people new to the world of crypto. The topics covered in the videos are accessible and the questions are simple.

Eligibility criteria to participate in the Learning Rewards program

To be eligible for the Learning Rewards program, you must meet certain criteria:

  1. 1. Have a verified Coinbase account. Your identity and photo must be up to date.
  2. 2. Have verified your residential address.
  3. 3. Live in one of the eligible countries. To see eligible countries, click here.
  4. 4. Have only one Coinbase account.

Start earning by learning more about cryptocurrencies

If you are logged into your account and meet the eligibility criteria, you can already start earning cryptocurrency with the Learning Rewards program. Note that if you had to update your photo, it may take up to 48 hours to verify it.

If you are logged into your account but do not see the Learning Rewards option on your dashboard, your Coinbase account has not completed all verifications. To earn cryptocurrency, follow the banner instructions to complete your account verification.

If you are on the waiting list, the demand to participate in the Learning Rewards program is already too high. Don't worry, you will receive an email when you can participate in the Learning Rewards program. 

Interest of the Coinbase Learning Rewards program

First, it's a simple way to earn your first coins or accumulate new ones. The Learning Rewards program is based on the Learn2Earn concept. The Learn2Earn is a mechanism made possible thanks to the blockchain and which makes it possible to learn more about a subject in exchange for rewards.

Then, as long as the projects offered by Coinbase are fundamentally good, the cryptocurrencies you receive from the Learning Rewards program, could increase in value and offer you a good return over time.

Coinbase bets on a Learn2Earn

Coinbase Learning Rewards is a great way for users to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and can also give them the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency as a reward for their efforts. It is important to note, however, that crypto is a highly volatile and risky asset class, and users should be aware of the potential risks and uncertainties associated with investing in cryptocurrency.


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